Large class begins Syracuse police academy

Aug 22, 2014

A large class of new recruits has begun training to become Syracuse police officers, but if you ask Syracuse police chief Frank Fowler, it's still not enough cops.

"Keep bringing them," he said. "I tell you, I can find work for every police officer that you send my way. But this is a great start and I’m glad to have it."

Fowler was speaking after the swearing in of a new class of officers. Syracuse is buffeting its police ranks more than normal. It swore in 35 officers to begin six months of training on Thursday.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner announced in the spring the city would bring in a larger police academy class. There are about 430 officers in the department now.

The new officers will go through rigorous training.

"It’s done in a very high-stress, very intense environment to make sure that they’re prepared to deal with our city streets," Fowler said.

He says the 35 recruits represent the diverse demographics of Syracuse. Five recruits are women.

The recruits were selected from more than 800 applicants.

"These police officers are going to called into situations that the average person is going to be running away from and we’re going to be required to run toward," Fowler said. "So they’re going to need the courage to face the challenges they’re going to face each and every day."