Lawmakers Hear Heated Testimony Over Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act

Oswego, NY – Lawmakers on the state senate's agriculture committee heard heated testimony from both sides on the so-called "Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act" yesterday.

Oscar Vizcarra is a farm owner from Western N.Y. who opposes the bill. He is an immigrant from Peru who first lived in the Bronx. He said lawmakers from New York City do not understand farm issues.

"They have no idea of no understanding of agriculture in this state, contrary to what urbanites' believe, farmers do not abuse or take advantage of their farm workers."

Among features of the bill, farmers would have to pay over time to laborers who work more than 60 hours in a week or 10 hours in a day and farm workers would gain the right to form a union if they are employed at the state's largest farms.