Lawmakers Leave For Weekend With Budget Unresolved

Mar 23, 2012

State lawmakers have abandoned the idea of completing a state budget one week ahead of schedule, legislators were due home in their districts late Thursday without agreement on a new spending plan.

Legislative leaders had talked optimistically about completing the new state budget by March 22, they resolved a number of budget related issues, including pension reform on March 15th. But lawmakers left for a three day weekend and were not due back until Monday, without even a handshake agreement with Governor Cuomo on a new budget. Most say they are progressing though, Senate Education Committee chair John Flanagan spoke at a budget conference committee meeting. 

“I do think that we are making progress,” said Flanagan. “ Even though it may not always be so apparent to the public.”

And they say they believe they can make the actual budget deadline, of March 31st, by forging agreements by early next week.