Local labor unions rally to bring jobs back home

Jul 9, 2012

Local labor unions are calling for politicians to do more to stop jobs from going overseas and encourage companies to bring jobs home.

Local chapters of the United Steelworkers (USW) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) organized a rally Friday afternoon outside the shuttered M&K Candle factory on Syracuse's Northside.

In the midday heat, about two dozen supporters held signs and waved at cars passing by while calling for the passage of the Bring Jobs Home Act by Congress.

Union organizers say people are starting to notice the impact of outsourcing.

"It’s starting to really settle in. People realize that we have to do something about the imports," says USW's Richard Knowles. "A lot of people do not realize about the tax incentives that existed in US policies that actual benefit corporations that take these jobs offshore."

Knowles says outsourcing is now affecting more than just manufacturing, but also white collar jobs.

The Bring Jobs Home Act would give companies a 20 percent tax credit on expenses incurred for bringing jobs back to the United States.

The rally also brought out two of central New York's congressional hopefuls. Both Democrat Dan Maffei and the Green Party's Usula Rozum attended.