Local members of Congress react to Supreme Court health care decision

Jun 29, 2012

After the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act, Republicans and Democrats alike have been trying to figure how to move forward in the fight over health care policy, including this regions's members of Congress.

Central New York Congresswoman Anne Marie Buerkle is opposed to the affordable health care act. She said she was a bit surprised at the Supreme Court's ruling.

"Just because it’s Constitutional doesn’t mean it’s good policy," said Buerkle. "And I think if the court found it’s Constitutional, we’ll respect the decision of the court but that doesn’t mean it will improve or increase access or decrease the cost of health care."

Buerkle, like many Republicans, says the health care law needs to be repealed and then reformed.

Democrat Congressman Bill Owens says the high court's decision was a victory for his constituents who are in need of health care and that Republicans have no alternative plan to propose.

"So what they really want to do is do away with the bill, leave the crisis in place and take no action going forward," Owens said. "To me, that is unacceptable."

The northern New York Congressman says he realizes some parts of the health care law need to be tweaked and that both sides of the aisle should work together on that.