Maffei, Owens talk about upcoming Syria vote

Sep 5, 2013

While Congress prepares to vote on whether or not to take military action against Syria, two local members of Congress are still considering all the facts. Syracuse-area Democrat Dan Maffei says he is looking at the big picture, but says he still has questions that need to be answered, including how it will impact American service members.

"We have seen our missions continue to increase and the pressure on our forces increase, without giving then the resources to do it," Maffei said. "So at the same time we're giving them more and more missions, we're cutting the level of troops, we're cutting bases, we're doing all these things."

Bill Owens, who represents northern New York, said during an interview with North Country Public Radio that he is taking into account the concerns his constituents have about adding another mission for America's armed forces.

"I think people are basically tired of war," Owens said. "And I will tell you, that that’s certainly a big impacter for me. You know, we’ve spent a lot of lives and blood, and a lot of money.

The Senate and House are both expected to take a full vote on the possible strike next week.