Maffei picks up endorsement of business leaders

Jul 15, 2014

Rep. Dan Maffei has picked up the endorsement of an informal group of central New York business and economic leaders.

About two dozen executives are backing the Syracuse Democrat in his bid for re-election against Republican John Katko.

Eric Mower, of the advertising firm Eric Mower and Associates, says he’s neither a Republican nor Democrat and he supported former Rep. Jim Walsh, a Republican.

But he says has focused on the issues facing the region.

"The central New York economic climate has improved because Dan has done the things that I hoped he would do," he said. "He’s focused on small business. He’s focused on some of the tax issues."

Top executives from Destiny USA and Saab-Sensis are also among those to endorse Maffei. They say Maffei is focused on the middle class and remaining manufacturing sector in the region.

"You know, good infrastructure helps existing business, of course, but it also attracts talent and entrepreneurs," said Laura Miller of Darco Manufacturing. "And will help us catch the eye of corporate leaders around the world who are looking at U.S. locals right now, right this minute, to re-shore manufacturing operations."

Maffei has strongly promoted infrastructure improvements since returning to office in 2012.