Malfunction Forces Oswego County Nuclear Plant Offline

Oswego, NY –
The Nine Mile Point unit 1 nuclear power plant near Oswego remains offline after operators shut the reactor down on Monday.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Neil Sheehan says the unit was scrammed around noon Monday in response to high water levels in the reactor, due to a feedwater system malfunction. Sheehan says the event did not pose a danger to the public with respect to the reactor.

"In any system here there are a number of valves, pipes and indicators, so it's not unusual to have equipment malfunction," said Jill Lyon, a spokeswoman with Constellation Energy, which owns the plant.

"Our thresholds and set points are set conservatively low so we take action before there is a safety concern," said Lyon.

Operators are working to get the necessary repairs completed and tested, but Lyon says it is not known when the plant will be back online.