McCain has "Virtually No Chance" in New York, Pollster Says

Oswego, NY – John McCain is visiting New York today, but the state is nearly a guaranteed win for Democrat Barack Obama, according to pollster John Zogby.

"New York is about as blue a state as you can possibly get," Zogby said.

"There's virtually no chance that McCain can do well here," he added.

New York has not played a significant role in a general presidential election in the 20th century, according to Zogby. Ronald Reagan did win the state in 1984, but since that time, New York has voted Democratic in every presidential election.

New York City is four-to-one Democratic, Zogby said. The upstate region is more conservative than the city, but "it's about mainstream as you can get," he said.

As for Barack Obama, Zogby cautioned that nothing is ever guaranteed, but that "[New York] is not necessarily a state he has to spend a lot of time campaigining in."

McCain's visit to Buffalo on Monday is a fundraiser closed to the media and the public.