Miner says she's not involved in picking replacement for party co-chair

Apr 23, 2014

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner says she's not involved in picking a replacement to help run the state Democratic Party. She stepped down from her role as co-chair of the party last week.

Miner had the job for two years, but left to, as she puts it, give someone else a chance.

Since taking the post, though, she publicly disagreed and had a falling out with the state's most powerful Democrat and person who appointed her to the post: Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

"It’s been pretty obvious that the governor and I have had policy disagreements. That’s the nature of this arena and the nature of being an elected official, particularly in such challenging times as we are in," Miner said.

"There’s a place for politics and a place for policy and I’ve tried to make sure there is a distinct difference between the two of them."

Miner says there a number of good candidates that could replace her, but that decision is up to the state party, not her. She had been co-running the party of with New York City Assemblyman Keith Wright.

"We suffer from a wealth of good candidates and Keith Wright can handle it by himself if he wishes, or he can be a co-chair with somebody else," she said.

Miner said stepping down was her decision and she consulted with a small group of confidants before making it.

It will be a tough election year for Democrats and getting out the vote, she said, with it being a non-presidential election year.

The state Democratic Party's convention is next month.