New York State Fair offers visitors the chance to fix tax problems

Aug 22, 2014

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance is back at the New York State Fair this year. They had a very positive experience last year signing homeowners up for the STAR tax credit.

This year, Department Commissioner Tom Mattox says they’re taking it one step further by providing private assistance to resolve tax issues on the spot.

“Yesterday alone, we worked with a couple dozen taxpayers to resolve issues in real time," Mattox said. "Everything from eligibility for certain veterans exemptions to certain sales tax collection related issues."

Mattox says the next big thing New York taxpayers will hear from the department will be sometime this fall, when the state starts rolling out it’s two tax rebate programs. One program will be for families with children and the other will be connected to the recent state property tax cap program.

The Department of Taxation and Finance is available during the New York State Fair at the Center for Progress building.