Parks Advocates Call for Potential Closure List

Oswego, New York – The governor's proposed budget cuts will likely mean that some state parks will have to close. At a legislative hearing late last week, NYS Parks Commissioner Carole Ash would not reveal which parks are on the chopping block.

During the legislative hearing, Ash said that she sees no alternative to closing some parks this summer given the 22 percent cut the governor has recommended to the Office of Parks and Historic Preservation.

Robin Dropkin, with the advocacy group Parks and Trails New York, says the parks agency should come clean with which parks might be closed.

Dropkin asks, "How can the legislature make decisions? How can the public know what's going on when there is no list?"

According to Dropkin, last year the parks agency waited until the last minute to announce reductions in park hours and services, making it impossible to voice opposition to the cutbacks.

Dropkin fears a similar scenario will repeat this year.