Parties shy away from challenging incumbent lawmakers

Jul 25, 2012

It can be tough to unseat an incumbent lawmaker in New York.

That's why both parties are having a tough time this year finding people to run for the state Legislature.

Onondaga County Republican party Chairman Thomas Dadey says candidates have to give up a lot to fight an uphill battle.

"It is a sacrifice," says Dadey. "It’s a sacrifice to your career. It’s a sacrifice to your family."

Several Assembly and Senate seats in central New York are going unchallenged this year.

"There's a lot involved," explains Dadey. "Door-to-door campaigning, raising money, being at events, missing your kid’s events; it’s a challenge between now and November 6 to run for office."

Both legislative bodies went through redistricting this year. The democratically controlled Assembly and republican controlled Senate each drew new lines to favor their parties as much as possible.