Republican Hoffman Runs For NY's 23rd

Oswego, NY – Conservative Republican Doug Hoffman is running again for New York's 23rd congressional seat.

Hoffman said the main theme of his candidacy will be re-emphasizing the main points of his campaign from last year mainly that he's against higher taxes, more spending and growing the deficit.

Hoffman said Democrat Bill Owens doesn't understand what business owners in the 23rd need to create jobs.

"Bill Owens never really created and worked a business in the 23rd district and had to work hard to build businesses in the 23rd district," said Hoffman.

For now, Owens says he's not focused on the 2010 House race.

"There will come a time when I'll need to focus on that, but now is not that time, and I think that creating those kinds of distractions is not in the best interest of the people in our communities," said Owens.

Other candidates, Assemblyman Will Barclay and Matt Doheny of Watertown may seek the Republican nominations.