Richard Hanna on being a "moderate"

Aug 10, 2012

Central New York Representative Richard Hanna knows he comes down on the moderate side of his Republican colleagues in Congress.

Speaking this week during a visit to Central Square, which sits in the newly drawn 22nd congressional district he is running for re-election in, the first-term congressman talked about influences from his more conservative colleagues.

"It’s not pressure that bothers me and it’s not like people – you know, you got to either be true to yourself and your constituents and one of the things I don’t like about Congress is people go there under one flag, one set of ideas," said Hanna. "Anybody can change their mind, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t give up your character and what you told people you’re going to do just to keep a job."

Hanna beat Democratic incumbent Michael Arcuri in 2010 to become the congressman from the 24th district.

This year, he’s running against Democrat Dan Lamb, to represent the new district which includes parts of the Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier and parts of central New York.