Schumer says he supports Obama's Affordable Care Act promise

Nov 15, 2013

Sen. Charles Schumer says he is glad President Barack Obama is keeping his promise to Americans by allowing them to keep insurance plans that would have been canceled for an extra year. The president announced yesterday that even if insurances plans do not comply with the Affordable Care Act, policyholders are now able to keep those plans through 2014.

Before the Affordable Care Act became law, Obama had promised that Americans would not be forced to change plans they were happy with. Schumer told reporters he still needs to look at the details of the proposal, but for now says he is happy the president is making good on his commitment.

"So I think it's important that he do it," Schumer said. "I'm glad he did it, and I'm going to look at the details and get back to him. But it is very important that the promise the president made be kept, and I'm glad that he is now looking to do that. I think it's very important that people who were made the promise that if they wanted to keep their insurance, they could, and I think the president is now trying to address this. This is a good thing. We'll be looking at his proposal carefully to make sure it covers as many people as possible."

During his press conference, Obama took the blame for the plans that had already been canceled. Obama also said that he understands the frustration of Americans who have had problems with the website.