Sen. Schumer Fights Drug Trafficking

Oswego, NY – U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer said he is calling on the Obama administration to cancel plans to cut funding to local law enforcement agencies that fight drug trafficking.

In addition, Schumer said he is introducing legislation to force a national strategy on the Canadian border that is just as strong as the strategy on the Mexican border.

Sen. Schumer is calling for more personnel and more collaboration to deal with smuggling.

"First, we lack a comprehensive strategy to stop drugs from coming in to New York, especially to our upstate communities. Second, our law enforcement officers and D.A.'s need every nickel available to fight drug related crime," said Sen. Schumer.

The democratic Senator said smuggling is on the rise, particularly for powerful narcotics like cocaine and heroin and the problem cuts right through the heart of New York.

Schumer said in Central New York, there were 2,400 drug-related arrests of adults in 2009 alone.