State Budget Almost a Month Overdue

Oswego, NY – The state budget is almost a month over due. State lawmakers passed a fourth round of temporary spending bills to keep the state afloat while a new budget is worked out.

Gov. David Paterson said he thinks it's taking so long because Senate and Assembly members have not come to terms with how much will have to be cut.

Gov. Paterson said his budget proposal is one answer to the stalled budget negotiations.

"I have a deficit reduction plan, that I'm willing to have voted on by the legislature, that does not have any borrowing in it. I think that's what we should do right now," said Paterson.

Gov. Paterson's plan includes taxing sugary soft drinks and allowing the sale of wine in grocery stores.

Senate Republicans proposed a cap on property taxes but Democrats voted it down during debate on the latest round of budget extenders.