State Budget Unlikely to be Finished On Time

Oswego, NY – The state budget is due in four days, but the legislature is going to be out of town for the week because of the Easter holidays, making it unlikely to be finished on time.

Blair Horner, with the New York Public Interest Research Group, said a budget that is a few weeks late, likely will not do any harm. But New Yorkers could notice the effects down the road, if the budget is not approved by Memorial Day. The governor may not put enough money in a temporary budget to open the state parks for the season.

"The park season really starts around Memorial Day, so if the budget is not done by then it could be a real problem," said Horner.

John Sampson, Senate Democratic Leader, said that will not happen. He said the negotiations will not shut down state government.

Horner said it is still important to pass a budget on time because it could reduce some of the cynicism that surrounds Albany politics.