State Budget Will Not Meet April Deadline

Oswego, NY – The State Senate passed temporary budget bills Tuesday to keep the state running beyond the April first deadline, then left Albany, meaning the budget will be late.

The Senate was scheduled to be on break for the Easter Holidays, but had to come to work yesterday to pass the temporary spending bills that fund the government through April 14th.

State Sen. Joe Griffo from the Utica area voted against the measure. He said legislature should work to meet the April first deadline.

The republican said there is an erosion of confidence.

"Deadlines need to be abided by and met," said Griffo, "And when I read what the Governor said over the weekend, in the Associated Press, that there was no meaningful discussions or conversations, this gives the impression that it's a charade."

Griffo said there are still several days left to get the budget done.

Lawmakers are not due back at the capitol until April seventh. In the meantime, Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson said he will continue to meet with Assembly Speaker and Governor.