State road delay info is a phone call away

Aug 15, 2012

While summer is winding down, it is still is a very busy construction season in New York state. Transportation officials want drivers to be aware of any construction delays that could come their way.

If you're heading out on the road and want to find out what kind of road work delays you might run into, New York State Department of Transportation officials have a number for you.

Regional State Department of Transportation Director Carl Ford says there's a way to get the latest information possible when it comes to delays.

"Simply dial 511 on your phone, not while your driving of course, and it gives you up to the minute traffic conditions," said Ford.

Ford admits there is more road work this year than last, in part due to the New York Works program.

"We have our traffic management centers entering data.  And they are on top of where lane closures are, whether it's for construction related work or accident or other emergency situations," said Ford. "So it's very accurate."

The 511 system also includes a smart phone app and website,, allowing drivers to take these delays into account when they hit the road.