State of SUNY: Campus Competition For Funds

Oswego, NY –

"We will implement performance-based resource allocation."

Zimpher delivered that news in what's thought to be the first "State Of The University" address in New York history. The speech stressed Governor Andrew Cuomo's charge to SUNY to serve as the state's main engine of economic revitalization.

"Governor, SUNY is up to the challenge and we are well-positioned to answer your call," Zimpher said.

Zimpher also repeated her usual push for SUNY's strategic plan, called "The Power of SUNY," which would give campuses more independence in purchasing, private partnerships and tuition plans. Last year, the plan had Governor David Paterson's backing but failed to get past the legislature.

In today's address, Zimpher pitched a five-year tuition plan that she said would make increases "fair, responsible and predictable."

"In return, we at SUNY must commit ourselves to be held accountable for how we use our resources," Zimpher said.

We will implement performance-based resource allocation. Beginning with our fiscal year 2012, SUNY will distribute state support among campuses based on performance in critical areas, like research expenditures and awards, student course completion, retention and degree completion, diversity of our students and faculty, and degree programs that address workforce shortages and the needs of emerging industries," the Chancellor said.

Zimpher says she is working with campus presidents on formulas for the performance measures, to be announced in May.

She also announced plans to save money by having campuses share some administrative services.

Zimpher said, "Beginning now, we must address the inefficiencies associated with 64 campuses replicating 64 sets of activities by consolidating back room operations and administrative infrastructure as well as eliminating unsustainable financial models, and we must do all of this without compromising student access."

Zimpher also pledged to work to double SUNY's fund-raising.

"Our largest campuses will embark on multi-million or even billion-dollar campaigns to take the State University of New York from great, to premier," she said.

Zimpher said SUNY can do that by networking its three-million-plus alumni.

"And we pledge to find each and every one of you," she said.

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