Syracuse School Board President Reflects on Superintendent's Accomplishments

Syracuse, NY – Last week, the Board of Education in Syracuse approved Sharon Contreras as the new district superintendent.

Contreras will take over for exiting current superintendent Daniel Lowengard on July 1st.

Lowengard has been superintendent since 2006.

School Board President Richard Strong says Lowengard leaves with a number of accomplishments under his belt.

"First and foremost," says Strong, "we can't forget that the superintendent brought Say Yes [to Education]' to Syracuse, maybe the most important single initiative this city has seen has some time. In addition, I know he's worked diligently with two different administrations to move the reconstruction of our school districts forward."

However, Lowengard leaves during an uncertain financial time for the district. His recently-approved budget proposal calls for more than $20 million dollars in cuts and reducing the district staff by more than 580 positions in response to an anticipated reduction in state school aid.