Syracuse sidewalk shoveling fine may not be dead

Feb 20, 2014

A fine for not shoveling sidewalks after big snowstorms for Syracuse residents may not be dead, despite being handily defeated in the Common Council a few weeks ago.

When councilor Bob Dougherty proposed fining residents $100 for not clearing walkways after snowfall, he found little support. Only fellow councilor Khalid Bey voted for the law with Dougherty.

But the two on Wednesday discussed possible changes that could be made in order to win over more councilors. Those changes include more focus on business corridors and decreasing the fine, Bey said. 

Dougherty says there's less of a rush to get it through now, and he may try to come up with solutions in parts.

"I think after what happened last time, I don’t think there’s a real big hurry at this point being that winter is almost over," Dougherty said. "I really wanted to get this passed last time to have it be in effect this year."

Dougherty said he'll bring it up with the rest of the council next week.