Syracuse's South Side Comes Together To Discuss Youth Violence

Syracuse, NY – There has been a spurt of youth violence in recent weeks in Syracuse, highlighted by the shooting of three teenagers on Halloween night.

On Saturday, more than 100 people gathered at Mary Nelson's Youth Center on South Salina Street to talk about possible solutions to the youth violence problem.

Speakers suggested increased cooperation between community members and local law enforcement agencies, as well as the consolidation of community organizations so the area's youth have a centralized place to go in their free time.

William Sullivan, Sr. says his son was killed in August, at 20 years old. He says it's good that people are talking about the problem, but he says it's not enough.

"I have been a part of these meetings," Sullivan says, "and I've seen what happens. A lot of times these agencies, they come and have these meetings and these forums, and then after the fact they walk off and we never see them again."

Sullivan says the community needs to take responsibility for the problem and start working with local law enforcement to stop the problem before more people's children are killed.