Two plays are the thing in Oswego

Feb 26, 2014

A group of up and coming actors are performing two plays rarely produced together as part of a nationwide tour stopping at SUNY Oswego. On Wednesday night, The Acting Company will perform Hamlet, then tomorrow the group of 12 repertory actors will perform Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead." The shows follow the same story line, but from different perspectives.

Josh Johnston, who fills several roles in the plays, says the group focuses on giving the audience universally relatable moments.

"We focus on the language," Johnston said. "I think anyone who has limited to extensive experience with the Shakespearean language will come in and hopefully they will understand the points we're trying to get across. And that's huge in Shakespeare. The language is the driving force behind it. There's really no subtext in Shakespeare, it's really right all on the page."

Grant Prewitt, who plays Rosencrantz in both plays, says bringing the two performances to communities that may not receive heavy exposure by national touring groups is important.

"It's showing people that there is a really, really relevant part of live theater that I think is so needed, especially for young people. Becuase it brings out creativity, it brings out intelligence, it expands your mind. And it just, it helps you be a more well-rounded person in general. That's what I hope they get out of it."

Oswego is the only city in upstate New York where the company is performing these two plays. The Acting Company has been on tour since October and visits communities where access to professional live theater is limited.