Warren Redlich Calls Gov. Paterson's Soda Tax Wrong

Oswego, NY – While weak revenue collections last month have left lawmakers in Albany working to close an $8.2 billion budget gap, an anti-tax candidate running for governor is offering new ways to save the state money.

Warren Redlich is running for the republican and libertarian party nominations for governor. He says he would eliminate what he calls "corporate welfare" and adds that the governor's soda tax is the wrong way to collect money for the state.

"Price Chopper cola costs 88 cents for a 2 liter bottle. And David Paterson wants to put a 68-cent tax on a 2 liter bottle of Price Chopper cola and Wegmans cola. Do you know who buys Price Chopper and Wegmans cola? People who can't afford Coke. That's not the place you stick it to when you have economic problems. You don't stick it to the poor people. You don't stick it to the regular people who are trying to get by," said Redlich.

Redlich spoke with Susan Arbetter on The Capitol Pressroom.

Redlich said he is different than the other candidates because he wants to eliminate spending, not just control it. Governor Paterson has until February 9th to submit any amendments to his proposal to close the budget gap.