This week: earthquake, healthy seniors and organ transplants

Oct 20, 2016

During the earthquake in Ecuador last April, Upstate Medical University scientist Anna Stewart Ibarra and her team of researchers helped mobilize relief efforts, including setting up a basic health clinic and buying emergency supplies with money donated by central New Yorkers.

The researchers also saw the impact of the disaster on residents’ physical and mental health and how the quake worsened existing health problems -- such as the mosquito-borne diseases Stewart Ibarra studies, including the Zika virus and dengue fever. Those observations and ongoing studies can help to prepare for future efforts to fight diseases and disasters.

Stewart Ibarra talks about the earthquake relief in this week’s HealthLink on Air. Also on the show: how seniors can stay healthy and happy for years. And, the success of organ transplants and how people can elect to "pass life on."

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