Why WRVO? The perspective of a station manager, your advocate

Mar 7, 2017

"I listen to NPR because I trust their reporters and hosts to provide me with accurate facts in a non-biased context. We can't expect to solve our problems if we can't first come to a consensus about the facts."

Station Manager Bill Drake has been in this business for a while. He came to us from Northern Public Radio (WNIU and WNIJ) in DeKalb, Illinois.

"As a long-time public radio program director, I have always felt that when I'm in that role, my primary responsibility is to be an advocate for the listener. WRVO gives me the opportunity to do that. It's my privilege to serve as the listeners' representative within the radio station."

We call Bill our "listener advocate," and he really is. Forget money, forget what's easy -- he's there to push for what sounds best and what makes the majority of our listeners the most informed individuals they can be.

"We all pay for some things we don't need. Why not pay just a little for something that actually brings value to our lives? Supporting WRVO truly is an investment; every dollar we receive now puts us in a stronger position to face an uncertain future."

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