Will health care decision effect local Congressional race?

Jun 29, 2012

The Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act of course comes in an election year, and politicians around the country are trying to read the tea leaves about the political fallout.

In central New York, Republican Congresswoman Anne Marie Buerkle opposes the health care law. And she thinks more and more Americans are agreeing with her, and that will have an effect on voters in November.

"Just as it was in 2010, I think it will be a referendum in 2012 as to what the American people want and what they want their health care to look like," said Buerkle.

Her Democratic opponent, former Congressman Dan Maffei voted for the Affordable Care Act when he was in congress... thinks the law is the first step in reforming health care.

"It is a first step and there's a lot more to do and I think that my candidacy anyway, I'm interested in moving forward and I think my opponent wants to set back the clock," said Maffei.

Maffei and Beurkle are running in the newly redrawn 24th Congressional district. It's a rematch of their race in 2010.