Young Voters Discuss the Candidates

Oswego, NY – University political science students appearing on WRVO radio agreed that voters need to inform themselves on the candidates before making their final voting decision.

Joseph Rogers, Tim Farnsworth, and Andre Fields are students at SUNY Oswego. Rogers and Farnsworth support John McCain, while Fields is supporting Barack Obama.

"I like McCain. I like a lot of things he says. I like his plans for Iraq, and I like what he said about healthcare," Rogers said.

Farnsworth's support for McCain is less positive. "I like John McCain because of his experience. He's going to act on what he believes," Farnsworth said.

"But I think we're going to have another four years of 'we're going to do it my way,' no matter what other people think about it. I don't know if that's good for the country right now," he added.

Andre Fields is very excited about candidate Barack Obama. He called Obama "an agent for change" and believes that Obama will change what he calls the "insider" mentality in Washington.

Fields admitted, however, to being worried about the possibility of an assassination attempt on Obama.

"In this country, we haven't gotten over racial divides," Fields said.

Both Farnsworth and Rogers said that they had considered John McCain's age when deciding which candidate to support, but that his age would not ultimately change their vote.