3D printing


Thu July 25, 2013

3D imaging could cut health care costs

3D printed knee joint created with 3D imaging technology using a patient MRI
Kate O'Connell/Innovation Trail

Upstate company Qmetrics has developed technology that can take medical images like MRIs and turn them into a three-dimensional image or model.

The technology has implications for lowering health care costs and increasing patient-specific treatments.

While X-rays and MRIs can be useful, surgery is still frequently required to look inside a joint, explains Qmetrics CEO Edward Schreyer. For example, keyhole surgery or arthroscopy is still used to see the extent of a knee injury.

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Sun March 17, 2013

3D printing replaces 75 percent of man's skull

The implant makes up 75 percent of this skulls mass
Oxford Performance Materials

3D printing technology has been working its way into a multitude of sectors - from manufacturing, to printable electronic circuits.

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