Fri September 26, 2014

Adams company dominates the runway business

The McNeely family from Adams has been marking parking lots, highways and airport runways for the past 25 years.
Credit Julia Botero

A family business based in a small town in Jefferson County has become a leader across the continent in a business you've probably never thought of.   Hi-lite Airfield Solutions cleans and marks airport runways, including  those at JFK, and airports in Dallas, Abu-Dhabi and Quito, Ecuador.  This week, the company based in the town of Adams received a $7 million federal loan to grow even bigger. 

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Wed January 8, 2014
Regional Coverage

Community cared for many travelers during massive snowfall

A roomful of strangers at Jennifer Gaffney's home in Adams have fun getting to know each other. Gaffney took in five stranded motorists after the overflowing fire department put out a call for help from local residents.
Credit Jennifer Gaffney

Travelers got back on the road yesterday afternoon after Interstate 81 reopened following the massive snowfall. Many spent an unexpected night in the north country – some in hotels, some in fire halls, some in the homes of strangers. The experience might have been a lousy advertisement for the climate here, but natives seemed to be at their best as Good Samaritans during the storm.

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