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Wed March 5, 2014

EPA finalizes standards to reduce car emissions

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The Environmental Protection Agency finalized its federal emission standards for cars and gasoline Monday, putting them in line with programs already in place in California.

The cleaner fuel and car standards will be rolled out starting in 2017. Once fully in place, the EPA estimates they’ll lower overall pollution levels and help avoid up to 2,000 early deaths per year.

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Mon January 27, 2014

American Lung Association says New York needs to spend more to help people quit smoking

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New York state received mixed grades in the annual American Lung Association report card.  But the advocacy group says more can be done to help people quit the smoking habit..

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in this country, in New York state that translates to about 25,000 people who die every year from smoking-related diseases. So while the state got good grades as far as smoke free air and the nations highest cigarette tax, it got failing grades when it comes to helping people quit.  

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Tue July 23, 2013
Politics and Government

The Clean Indoor Air Act a decade later

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It's been 10 years since New York passed some of the toughest smoking laws in the country, snuffing out the practice inside many buildings -- including restaurants, businesses and schools. A decade later, the American Lung Association cites the Clean Indoor Air Act as being influential in helping New Yorkers stay healthier.

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Thu January 17, 2013

New York gets mixed grades in tobacco report

The American Lung Association has published its annual “State of Tobacco Control” report, and New York state did not fare well.

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Wed April 25, 2012

Air quality improves in many parts of New York state

Pollution is locally produced in New York state from things like power plants, factories, diesel trucks and vehicle traffic.
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The American Lung Association says there is some good news for those in this area who suffer from breathing problems. Many parts of New York state have seen improved air quality this year over last.

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