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Tue September 4, 2012

Common core standards make debut in New York

As children all over upstate New York head back to school this week, the curriculum for some of them will be a little different this year.

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Thu August 30, 2012

Back to school brings new statewide policy changes

woodleywonderworks Flickr

As parents get ready to send their kids back to school all over upstate New York .... There are some new statewide educational changes are taking affect they may want to know about first.  

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Tue August 21, 2012
Regional Coverage

Will back to school bring more bath salts use?

Raquel Baranow Flickr

The abuse of the designer drug called "bath salts" came of age this summer, with violent episodes from abusers reported by police and medical professionals across central New York.

Some authorities are worried about what happens next, when universities and schools go back into session.

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