In this archived broadcast from June, 3, 1988, John Weeks talks about Bees and their connection with flowers. He talks about Bees in central New York and California and what he has experienced. He talks about what trees and plants attract the Bees and explains why.

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In this archived broadcast from June 3, 1988, John Weeks talks about all the bee pastures that he sees. He said he notices all the flowers beginning to bloom and they are all hosting hundreds of bees on top of them that they are completely covered. Weeks mentions how on Beaver Lake it is surrounded by flowers and he talks about the different types of flowers especially the tulip tree.

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Since 2006, honey bees have been abandoning seemingly healthy hives in large numbers, raising alarm among beekeepers, farmers and researchers. But, the industries that are dependent on honey bees are finding ways to manage the losses.