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A blood donor on his incredible commitment

Feb 3, 2018
Red Cross

For decades, the Red Cross has been encouraging people to give blood, especially during times of hardship. When Jerry Ball was in his teens, he heard that call and he’s been giving ever since. Jerry has donated blood over 200 times -- 268 times, to be exact.

“You can donate whole blood every 56 days, so I just sign up every 56 days,” Jerry says.

When Jerry was growing up, it was the 1970s. There was a war going on. The need was there. That’s why he started his commitment to donating.

Navigating the Blood Drive

Aug 24, 2014
César Astudillo / Flickr

Although blood donations are a critical part of the healthcare system, many of us have never given blood.  While the American Red Cross and similar organizations work very hard to promote blood drives, they give less information regarding the specifics of the procedure and what to expect after walking into a clinic. 

This week on "Take Care," Dr. Patricia Pisciotto describes the blood donation procedure and the possible conditions that can prevent people from donating.  Pisciotto is the chief medical officer of the American Red Cross Northeast Division.

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Central New Yorkers are helping the millions of people affected by Superstorm Sandy.  Agencies like the Salvation Army and Church World Service are raising money or collecting donations for storm victims.  Others, like Red Cross Disaster Relief volunteers  will go to the areas hardest hit by the storm.