blood test

Navigating the Blood Drive

Aug 24, 2014
César Astudillo / Flickr

Although blood donations are a critical part of the healthcare system, many of us have never given blood.  While the American Red Cross and similar organizations work very hard to promote blood drives, they give less information regarding the specifics of the procedure and what to expect after walking into a clinic. 

This week on "Take Care," Dr. Patricia Pisciotto describes the blood donation procedure and the possible conditions that can prevent people from donating.  Pisciotto is the chief medical officer of the American Red Cross Northeast Division.

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It's in the blood tests

Mar 2, 2014
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Getting blood work done can tell a patient a lot of things. With thousands of different tests available, it can be the answer that unlocks a certain medical ailment. After a patient gives blood though, where does that blood go and what is done with it? How exactly does drawing blood tell us what is going on with our bodies?

This week on Take Care, Anne Marie Mullin talks about the basics of blood work. Mullin is senior vice president of Laboratory Alliance, a state-licensed lab that provides testing to a 16-county region in central New York. She was trained at the National Institute of Health, and is board certified in transfusion medicine.

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