Catherine Underhill

Tom Magnarelli / WRVO News

Symphoria, the professional orchestra of central New York, has announced new details on its upcoming fifth season. The orchestra is becoming more popular, but there are concerns over possible cuts to federal funding of the arts.

The orchestra tuned their instruments and prepared for a rehearsal of their show, "Superheroes & Villains of the Silver Screen," on Thursday. Conductor Sean O’Loughlin, a native of Syracuse, entered the stage and shook the hand of the first chair, the leader of the first violin section, as customary.


Symphoria, the successor to the defunct Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, has one year under its belt.  And organizers believe so far, so good.

And as the fledgling orchestra closes the books on its first year, Symphoria managing director Catherine Underhill estimates musicians played to 45,000 people. It has been trying to attract a new audience, with things like its “Spark” series, which creates more social music going experiences. But Underhill says the organization knows they need to keep growing.