Tom Magnarelli / WRVO News

Students at the Jamesville-Dewitt Middle School in central New York are learning computer coding through a program developed by a local nonprofit. The goal is to get young minds excited about computer science. 

As the sound of students coming back from lunch filled the hallways, Caroline Skahen, a fifth-grader at Jamesville-Dewitt Middle School and her classmates were in the computer lab, quietly focused on their screens. 

 “I’m playing Minecraft,” Skahen said.

Ellen Abbott / WRVO News

A dispute over internet use at Syracuse City Hall is again headed to the courts. The issue over whether lawmakers should sign a city computer use policy hasn’t been able to be resolved through negotiations.

Councilor Kathleen Joy expects the Syracuse Common Council to file court papers in the next few days asking a judge to settle the issue of whether lawmakers should be forced to sign that computer use policy which is required of and agreed to by all city employees. A majority of councilors believe it would allow the Mayor’s office too much access to Council business. 

John Weeks talks about the parallel between the operation of a wild thing and the function of a computer chip. Weeks makes the point that in both cases, a lot of what happens may be the result of stored messages or directives, as in the case of bird migration.