Mon November 11, 2013
Regional Coverage

Winter crows invade Watertown

David Coleman, the Jefferson County Historical Society's caretaker, just installed the rug on the porch - after about 30 schoolchildren marched bird poop into the building during a field trip.
Joanna Richards

Every winter, Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror movie, “The Birds” gets a replay in Watertown. But not on the silver screen. Thousands of crows fly in from the countryside to roost overnight. The city's trying to evict them. 

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Tue January 15, 2013
Regional Coverage

Watertown scares away nuisance crows

Cody Baciuska, of Loomacres Wildlife Management, fires pyrotechnics into the sky to scare away Watertown's winter crow flock.
Credit Joanna Richards

It's an eerie sight – every winter, around dusk each night, a flock of between 20,000 and 30,000 crows gathers in the trees around the Black River in Watertown. They can be a neat sight against the white winter landscape, but the city wants them gone. That's because they squawk and poop and generally annoy a lot of city residents. The city has hired a wildlife management company to disperse the birds.

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Tue April 24, 2012
-Nature of Things

Crows and Great Horned Owls

John Weeks talks about his experience with crows and great horned owls one day in the woods and the unique birds' reactions to each other's appearances.


Originally aired on April 25th, 1987.