Dean Skelos


Tue April 24, 2012

State GOP leaders look ahead to general election

davelawrence8 via Flickr

New York’s Presidential primary is Tuesday, but the initial excitement over the vote vanished when Rick Santorum dropped out earlier this month. State GOP leaders say they are looking ahead to the general election instead.

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Tue March 27, 2012
Politics and Government

State Lawmakers hopeful for budget agreement by week's end

New York lawmakers are very optimistic about getting a budget done on time again this year. They say 99% of the state’s spending plan has been closed down, and they will pass bills before the end of the week.  

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Thu February 16, 2012
Politics and Government

State Senate leader says bill to hold state primary in June will not pass

The Leader of the State Senate says an Assembly bill to hold state legislative primaries on June 26th is dead on arrival in his house, making it more likely that the state will hold three separate primaries this year.

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Tue January 10, 2012
Politics and Government

State Legislature spends first day of session working on bi-partisan bill

The New York State legislature, on its first official day of business, acted in a show of bi- partisanship, to divest the state of investments in Iran, but Democrats and Republicans in the Senate continue to argue over redistricting. 

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