Sun June 22, 2014
Politics and Government

David Holwerk on The Campbell Conversations

David Holwerk, left, speaks with Campbell Conversations host Grant Reeher

On this week's edition of the Campbell Conversations, host Grant Reeher talks with the David Holwerk, Director of Communications for the Kettering Foundation and a long-time print journalist, about the problems with American democracy and constructive citizen engagement, and what the Foundation is doing to try to address them. 

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Mon April 23, 2012
Regional Coverage

Hillary Clinton speaks at Syracuse University

SEIU International via Flickr


Wed October 12, 2011
Politics and Government

Jean Bethke Elshtain on The Campbell Conversations

Jean Bethke Elshtain

What is the state of American democracy?  What are the roots of our democratic shortcomings, and what do we need to do to improve the health of the political process?  Jean Bethke Elshtain, democratic theorist, ethicist, and noted public intellectual at the University of Chicago—and author of Democracy on Trial—wrestles with these mighty questions in this substantively rich interview.  Elshtain has also written an influential book on just war—Just War Against Terror—and she considers the American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan through that lens.  Was the war justif

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