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Thu January 9, 2014
Regional Coverage

Schumer calls for more federal heating aid for New Yorkers

Residents in Adams move snow following storms that hit the area earlier this week.
Erin Gardner

With New Yorkers dealing with an extremely cold start to the new year, Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for more federal heating aid to be made available.

Schools and businesses throughout northern New York were closed Tuesday and Wednesday, after storms dropped nearly three feet of snow in Watertown and the surrounding towns. The heavy snowfall was accompanied by wind chill temperatures that approached -30 degrees.

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Fri November 16, 2012

Health officials now say fracking health review nearly done

One day after saying they could not speculate on when a key health review on hydrofracking in New York would commence, the state health department has now announced three university experts have been chosen and will review the data.

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Wed June 20, 2012
Regional Coverage

Federal goverment provides grants to local health centers

Three community health centers in central and northern New York are receiving grants from the federal government as part of the federal health care law.

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