Don Miller


Wed November 7, 2012

Stirpe reclaims Assembly seat from Miller

Democrat Al Stirpe is once again a New York State Assemblyman after defeating Republican Don Miller for a seat that was once Stirpe's.

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Mon November 5, 2012
-Candidates in Depth

Al Stirpe & Don Miller compete for Assembly again

Everyone who votes on Tuesday in New York state will choose who will represent them in the state Assembly and Senate.  Very few of those races are truly competitive, with many incumbents running unopposed or against candidates who have no chance of winning.  The exception in central New York is the race for the newly created 127th Assembly district.. which is a rematch of a very close race two years ago.

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Mon October 1, 2012
Politics and Government

Don Miller on the Campbell Conversations

In his first term in the State Assembly, Republican Don Miller has been an outspoken and sometimes controversial crusader against taxes and spending in Albany, to the point of voting against his own party leadership.

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Wed April 18, 2012
Politics and Government

Al Stirpe announces his intent to run

It’ll be election deja-vu for some Onondaga County voters this year when it comes to the 127th Assembly District seat. An incumbent who lost two years ago is jumping back into the ring.

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