Dr. Charles Hennekens

Take Care Year in Review

Jan 5, 2014

“Take Care” welcomes the new year by celebrating the one that just passed. We've condensed our shows from 2013 into a half hour of the best of "Take Care" -- vital advice from the leading experts on how to stay healthy and well in the new year and beyond. 

2013 marked the debut of “Take Care.” The show’s tagline, "a conversation on health and wellness," highlights the basic premise that underscores this show: What could we learn if we sat down with some of the world's top authorities in medicine, science and wellness and asked them for their most essential advice?

Out of the dozens of guests Lorraine Rapp and Linda Lowen spoke to in 2013, we selected nine experts whose practical advice for improving your health is relatively easy to incorporate. They explain why even the smallest investment in your health can have huge returns.

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How to 'Take Care' in 2014

Jan 3, 2014

Many people make resolutions to be healthier this time of year -- whether that involves nutrition, exercise, or stress reduction. WRVO's weekly health show "Take Care" offers some suggestions if you're still trying to decide how to improve your wellness. Hosts Lorraine Rapp and Linda Lowen take a look back at the advice some of the experts they interviewed offered listeners in 2013.

Does an aspirin a day really keep the doctor away?

Jun 16, 2013
Curtis Gregory Perry / Flickr

A growing number of doctors recommend a daily aspirin to patients who have cardiovascular disease. But many patients still have questions about who should be taking aspirin, and new research about the benefits of aspirin are still being conducted,

This week, “Take Care” speaks with Dr. Charles Hennekens, the world’s leading authority on aspirin research in cardiovascular health. He was the first to demonstrate that aspirin prevents a first heart attack, and the first to discover the life-saving properties of aspirin, both for patients experiencing heart attacks as well as heart attack survivors. He’s held the distinction of being the third most widely cited medical researcher in the world for over a decade.

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