Mon December 17, 2012

Information technology improves health care in the North Country

Dr. Dan Mitchell, a psychologist at the North Country Children's Clinic, demonstrates his practice's new electronic medical record system at the clinic's offices in Watertown.
Credit Joanna Richards

While lots of industries turned to information technology long ago to improve efficiency, accuracy and collaboration, until now, health care has lagged behind. Now, a big project has aimed to leverage IT in the health care in the state’s rural North Country.  

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Thu December 6, 2012
The Upstate Economy

Innovate it here & make it here, say manufacturing experts

Closing the gap between innovation and commercialization is the key to boosting the national economy. That is one of the messages at a manufacturing summit being held in Rochester this week.  Industry leaders say economic growth triggered by American ideas needs to be kept within the United States' borders.

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Wed November 21, 2012
Regional Coverage

Number of people traveling up this Thanksgiving

pixelnaiad Flickr

The number of people traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday is up for the fourth straight year.  AAA says the economy and gas prices are two of the biggest factors affecting people's travel plans.

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Mon November 19, 2012
Regional Coverage

Study finds rich get richer, the rest decline

A union-funded think tank finds that New York has the greatest income disparity in the nation. The Fiscal Policy Institute says that trend continues, with the top one percent gaining more financial resources, while the middle class is falling behind and the numbers of the poor are growing.

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Mon October 22, 2012

Former President Clinton energizes Maffei supporters

Former President Clinton gives Maffei supporters talking points for the campaign.
Ellen Abbott WRVO

The troops in the Dan Maffei for Congress campaign have been energized after the visit of former President Bill Clinton in Syracuse last week.  Clinton gave Maffei supporters talking points for the campaign.

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Tue October 2, 2012
Regional Coverage

SU reaches fundraising goal

Syracuse University announced this month that it has reached the $1 billion mark in its fundraising campaign, which was launched in 2005. University administrators had not expected that goal to be met until December 31 of this year. With the recession dogging the economy for the last four years, other universities have not been so successful in their fundraising efforts.

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Mon September 10, 2012
Politics and Government

"Super control board" idea to help struggling municipalities still possible

New York State continues looking for ways to help local governments on the edge of fiscal collapse.  And, the idea of a "super control board" is still a possibility.

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Fri August 17, 2012

100 days in the books, startups emerge from Syracuse accelerator

Jason Scherr, CEO of Tivity, pitches his company's website at StartFast's Demo Day.
Ryan Delaney WRVO

One-hundred long days full of presentations, meetings with mentors and practicing investor pitches is all done.

The first-ever StartFast Venture Accelerator concluded Thursday morning with its Demo Day.

"Saying it was all hard would be an understatement," said Timothy Beckford, a founder of PadProof, a program to help professional photographers sell their pictures more easily. "It was a tremendous undertaking. We worked like crazy."

Nine companies entered StartFast back in May, but only eight made it through. The teams were given seed money, workspace and access to dozens of mentors.

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Fri August 17, 2012
Regional Coverage

Restaurants are serving up more fresh, local ingredients

A cook makes a local, grass-fed beef burger at The Hops Spot in Sackets Harbor, in Jefferson County.
Joanna Richards WRVO

It's a busy Sunday morning at Empire Brewing Company in Syracuse. Behind the line, cooks shout brunch orders and the dining area is filling up with customers. A blues band is setting up for a set, a weekly tradition here.

Company president David Katleski sits in a big booth near the kitchen. The sounds are like any other busy restaurant, but there's something different going on here.

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Thu August 9, 2012

Hanna says STEM education just as important for boosting economy

Rep. Richard Hanna (R-Barnevald), left, tours Design Concepts LLC in Central Square.
Ryan Delaney WRVO

Fixing the tax code and overhauling regulation is important for boosting small businesses, says Rep. Richard Hanna (R-Barnevald), but he says in the long term, increasing science and math education is the key for the economy.

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Fri July 6, 2012
Regional Coverage

Gillibrand says economy requires investment to stimulate growth

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is flanked by MetalCraft Marine officials Thursday in Cape Vincent.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is traveling around New York making her case for Democratic economic policies. Thursday she did so at a boat manufacturing facility in Cape Vincent.

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Sat June 30, 2012
Regional Coverage

Army worms invade Jefferson County farms

Michael Hunter, of Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Ron Robbins, owner of Robbins Family Grain and partner in Old McDonald's Farm, inspect army worms they found in a wheat field on Robbins' property.

A pest has invaded farm fields throughout Jefferson County. Army worms – actually caterpillars that transform into moths – migrate up from the south every year to Northern New York. But this year a major outbreak of the worms is causing a widespread threat to crops, and big financial losses to some farmers. 

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Thu June 14, 2012
Regional Coverage

Cuomo on possible hydrofracking plan

In a New York Times article published Wednesday, a plan for the first stage of hydrofracking in New York state was laid out by members of the Cuomo administration. But in a radio interview Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo himself was reluctant to actually call it a plan.

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Tue June 12, 2012
Regional Coverage

State funding seekers get questions answered at forum in Watertown

The North Country Regional Economic Development Council is preparing for an influx of funding applications this July. Regional councils are part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to distribute economic development aid throughout the state using a community-based, bottom-up approach to building New York's economy. A public forum was held by the council in Watertown last night.

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Fri May 25, 2012
The Upstate Economy

Bill Owens reaches out to Canadian companies

Representative Bill Owens is working to increase economic ties between the North Country and Canadian businesses.

The Democrat held a series of meetings in Canada this week in an effort to entice more Canadian companies to look to Northern New York for expansion.

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Fri May 25, 2012
The Upstate Economy

Slow and steady: New York state job levels rise

Michael Lokner Flickr

New York state is on the brink of returning to pre-recession job levels, according to a new analysis from IHS Global Insight.

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Sun April 22, 2012
Regional Coverage

Fort Drum contributes $1.6 billion to region's economy in 2011

Everyone in the north country recognizes that Fort Drum plays a huge role in the region's economy. Just how big is the subject of a report the post puts out every year, called the annual economic impact statement. This year's report says Fort Drum contributed over $1.6 billion dollars in spending in the 2011 fiscal year.

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Wed April 11, 2012
Regional Coverage

Jefferson County officials oppose offshore wind in Lake Ontario

A group of Jefferson County legislators has for the second time in two years expressed opposition to offshore wind turbines in Lake Ontario. Almost two years ago, the New York Power Authority proposed an offshore wind turbine project, which Jefferson County rejected. Now the county may move to oppose federal overtures in that direction. 

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Tue April 10, 2012
Regional Coverage

Local Coffee Roasting Makes Great Strides in a Shaky Economy

Cafe Kubal's Latte Art
Kate Rafte WRVO

In a struggling economy, one business is on the rise and making an impact in the area: coffee roasting.

John Kupperman, owner of Smith Housewares and Restaurant Supply, says Syracuse is the highest coffee consuming city per capita in the country. People in the area have roasting businesses accessible to them, and many prefer the taste of freshly roasted coffee as opposed to store-bought. Kupperman says the coffee roasting business is a good one.

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Thu March 22, 2012
Regional Coverage

Clayton officials say development projects fill gaps in tourist town

There's a lot of development just around the corner in Clayton, a summer tourist destination on the St. Lawrence River. Town and village officials – and local business owners – are excited about several projects in the works that could put back to use a former industrial site along the river.

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Tue February 21, 2012
The Upstate Economy

CNY car dealers optimistic going into spring selling season

The month of March is around the corner, and in the minds of auto dealers, it not only brings warmer temperatures, but also customers back to their lots.

And after a few years of hard times and sluggish sales, they’re more optimistic going into their busy selling season.

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Fri January 20, 2012
Regional Coverage

Occupy Syracuse on The Campbell Conversations

What drives those who have invested their time in the Occupy Wall Street movement, and what message is at the movement's core? In this edition of the Campbell Conversations, three Syracuse activists who had been camping at the Occupy Syracuse site prior to being evicted by the city tell their stories and make their case.

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Fri January 20, 2012
The Upstate Economy

Rochester after Kodak

With Kodak embarking on a restructuring effort under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the future of the imaging icon remains unclear.

But one aspect of Kodak's legacy is already deeply imprinted onto the Rochester community.

Even as Rochester's most famous company struggled mightily to reinvent itself, the Rochester region steadily fought back - leading the state in job growth in recent years and outpacing its upstate peers in economic vitality.

One key reason: A long history of top-notch human capital flung into the community - willingly or not - as Kodak's fortunes withered.

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Fri November 11, 2011
The Upstate Economy

David Aitken on The Campbell Conversations

David Aitken

The expansion of Syracuse’s Carousel Center Mall—the first stage of the grander and still-planned project called Destiny USA—seems to be getting some traction of late.  Parts of the expansion will be open later this month.  David Aitken, a Destiny executive and spokesperson, discusses the expansion and the future plans for the project, and reflects on why the Destiny project has been such a political and economic lightning rod for the region’s residents and the media.  He also discusses the exterior appearance of the expansion and the possible tensions—and synergy—between this project and t

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