financial planning

Daniel gives an update on interest rates and the bond market, and suggests some things to consider in the coming year.

In this episode, Daniel discusses new guidelines for brokers who recommend investments.

Cyber Fraud

Mar 26, 2015

In this episode, Jackie and Tom talk about the most common types of cyber, or computer related fraud and share some simple steps you can take to protect your information from criminals.

Financial Frauds and Scams

Mar 26, 2015

There are many scams and instances of fraud that can easily trick a consumer into having their money stolen. In this episode, Tom and Jackie share stories of clients who have been taken and how you can best avoid it.

Credit Card Breaches and Chip Cards

Mar 26, 2015

In the last year, credit card breaches have accounted for tens of millions of dollars lost in the retail industry. In this episode, Jackie and Tom discuss the recent breaches and the future of credit card security in the form of a "chip" card.

In this episode, Daniel reflects on the past year in the markets and makes some predictions and suggestions for the year ahead in 2015.

Building Good Credit

Jan 2, 2015

Tom and Jackie share some tips on how to build good credit, including how traditional advice on 'ditching your credit card' may not be the best idea.

Financial Literacy

Jan 2, 2015

Tom and Jackie discuss the importance of gaining a sense of financial literacy at a young age, and some ways Compass Credit Union has developed tools that people of all ages can benefit from.

Daniel and guest Chris Fossum describe the process of index investing and exchange traded funds, discussing their recent popularity with investors.

Daniel discusses some better options when withdrawing income for and during your retirement, cautioning against any 'one size fits all' plan.

In a new era of saving for your future, J. Daniel Pluff outlines some things to consider when planning for retirement.

J. Daniel Pluff talks about the municipal bond investment market with guest Carey Fortnam of Alliance Bernstein based in New York City.

Outlook: 2014

Feb 6, 2014

In this episode, Daniel provides an outlook on the year ahead in the markets, and some things to watch out for.

Against the backdrop of Wall Streets' storied history, Daniel talks about the volatility and potential in today's marketplace.

Now What?

Dec 2, 2013

In this episode, Daniel discusses potential investment plans for the future and offers analysis on the lessons learned from the financial crisis of 2008.

Buy and Hold?

Sep 9, 2013

In this episode, Daniel examines the often forgotten strategy of "buy and hold" with your personal portfolio. 

Stocks For Income

Sep 9, 2013

In this episode, Daniel has a conversation with Richard Spence, CFP. They talk about the notion of investors looking to the equity markets as a source for potential income. 

This report, one in a series on Retirement Planning, focuses on Social Security. Grace Ghezzi, CFP, joins Dan to discuss the role of Social Security for income planning along with when and how individuals should begin taking payments.

For the past several years, bond investors have done very well, but concerns are on the rise regarding the outlook for bonds. In this report, Daniel discusses the often overlooked risks of the bond market and the impact of rising interest rates. Is it possible investors will experience losses in their bond portfolios in the future?

Asset Allocation

May 13, 2013