Fri November 29, 2013

Off-the-shelf football gear offers same protection as custom-built

Players stand along the sideline during a football game.
Ashley Hirtzel WBFO

Special mouth guards and helmets marketed to help reduce concussions may not actually provide any additional protection for football players a new report claims. The findings are from a 2012 study that followed 1,332 high school athletes during a season.

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Thu November 28, 2013

New high school football rules protect helmetless players

Oswego's football team competes against Nottingham during the Oswego's final regular season game.
Gino Geruntino WRVO

Following the tragic deaths of several high school football players across the country, the sport's rules and practices are being scrutinized. Recent rule changes are protecting helmetless players, and some coaches in the region say it's bringing common sense back to the game.

On a chilly evening, the Oswego Buccaneers varsity football team hustles down the field against the Nottingham Bulldogs, its quarterback lobbing a well placed ball to an open receiver.

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Wed October 30, 2013
Regional Coverage

Amid Washington Redskins debate, two schools look back on own mascot changes

Keith Allison Flickr

While the debate continues between the Oneida Indian Nation and the Washington Redskins regarding the team's name and mascot, in upstate New York, several institutions faced similar decisions more than a decade ago and did change their names.

Christina Alexander was the president of the sophomore class at Sherburne-Earlville Central School in rural Chenango County when the student body decided to retire its Indian mascot, while leaving the team's name - the Marauders -- unchanged.

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