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Cooling caps for chemotherapy

Apr 1, 2017
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Chemotherapy is one of the most effective ways of treating cancer, but it has some unfortunate side effect -- like hair loss. And for women, that side effect is frequently the most traumatic.

This week, assistant professor of medicine at the Breast Center at Baylor College of Medicine and director of the Breast Cancer Prevention and High Risk Clinic Dr. Julie Nangia joins “Take Care” to discuss how women undergoing chemotherapy might be able to save their hair by wearing cooling caps.

Approaches to hair loss in women

Aug 17, 2014
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If a man starts losing hair as he gets older, it is usually accepted as a normal part of aging.  Many women also experience thinning hair related to aging but work hard to hide it.  Women may expect the other signs of aging, such as wrinkling and grey hair, but hair loss often catches them off guard.

This week on “Take Care,” we talk to Dr. Maria Hordinsky about the causes of hair loss in women and how to prevent or mitigate its symptoms.  Hordinsky is professor and chairwoman of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota.

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